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Welcome To The Blog

The nature of my site is the discussion of the importance of vigilance on behalf of patients and/or their caregivers. There is too much misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis and malpractice as well as gaslighting from some medical providers. The information herewith is a discussion of how we can make the best of the negatives in the American Medical System.

This site is also where patients, current, past and survivors share in the factors that helped or hindered them as well as the emotions that have been with us.

Please be reminded that my blog contains my opinions and that of others. I will not make official statements on behalf of specific companies.

I am not a Medical Doctor. I possess a Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling and as a professional my posts are for information purposes only. My advice is my opinion based on years of experience. The opinions are therefore to be carefully evaluated at the risk of the reader.

Thank you.

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