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About Dr. Benson Evans

Who Is Dr. Benson Evans?

Dr. Benson Evans’s life is extremely interesting and is not only a survivor but a thriver. Born in Newark, NJ to deaf parents, he grew up in a deaf family and learned to advocate at 4 years old. He has dedicated his life to helping and advocating for others. Dr. Evans and his partner live in the beautiful Coachella Valley in Southern California with their three furry pets. He holds a deep passion for overcoming the pitfalls of the American healthcare system. He is also the author of "Survivor of Silence," a nonfiction novel about his deaf mother, father, and sister. His other upcoming title, "For the Love of my Daughter," will speak broadly to the effects and topic of domestic violence.


What Is His Resume?

Dr. Benson Evans holds a Doctor of Philosophy in counseling from Canterbury University, which was conferred in 2006. He also holds master’s studies in human resources and industrial relations from Rutgers University and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He has extensive experience as a life coach and consultant in the fields of higher education and industry.

Early in his career, he worked for the government in the field of social services, specializing in the delivery of social services to the indigent.

Dr. Evans’s passion for overcoming the pitfalls of the American health care system has led to his extensive research into the failure of the American health care system to provide patients with, at minimum, efficient, successful, and equitable care.


What Is His Goal?

He has extensive personal experience and knowledge of seriously disappointing and life-altering outcomes of medical technology and practices as well as amazing, lifesaving efforts of medical providers and technology.

It was through the experiences of his family life that he was able to develop a clear and focused path of advocacy for others and for himself. He hopes to change the perspective of patients when it comes to their doctors and how they can and should stand up for themselves when they are not receiving the proper medical treatment. “I Will Survive” is his song. It can be yours too.

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