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Doctors...Heros Or Murderers?

Have you ever felt unheard by your physician? In his new book, Dr. Benson Evans provides a shrewd and critical analysis of the failings of the American healthcare system as it relates to patient care.

At only 24 years old, Dr. Benson Evans had his first brush with a misdiagnosis. Fatigued, gaining weight, and mounting depression loomed over his head, but the four different physicians he saw over 18 months couldn't decide what was wrong - and their "solutions" never actually solved his problems. 

However, when he turned to the fifth physician, an internist, his diagnosis of hypothyroidism was quick and within several weeks of treatment, he was fine.

Therein lies the hypothesis of Dr. Benson's newest book: Is your doctor a hero or is he killing you?

Dive into an impressive collection of personal stories - including the author's near-death experience from a missed diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. Shared by both the author and others, these medical malpractice experiences shed light on something not often talked about when doctors make mistakes.

Says Dr. Evans, "Our medical system is deficient. I want people to be keenly aware that doctors are not Gods and not to treat them that way."

Instead, Dr. Evans includes a ray of hope in his new book, encouraging readers to be their own health advocates. He communicates that if you're unsatisfied with the first diagnosis, get a second, third, or fourth until you're satisfied with the treatment plan.

This engaging discourse on medical competency will appeal to anyone who depends on medical care, passionate advocates for healthcare reform in America, and publics with a vested interest in improving medicine.

Dr. Benson Evans On "Desert Chat" With Sandie Newton

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